Dear members and friends,

I hope you are a having a pleasant and safe summer. The times we are going thru are very stressful and dangerous.

We would like to thank those who have joined us in restarting our services on Shabbos and on Monday and Thursday mornings. Please join us if you feel safe enough. Our shul practices safe distancing and face covering. We have worked out our Shabbos services so we keep you in shul for as little time as possible.

At times I am asked what is the purpose of being a “Young Israel Synagogue”.

Over the last view months that answer has become very clear to me.

  1. The National Council of Young Israels (“The Council”) has become very proactive with other national synagogue organizations to advise us on all health issues, and have a medical consultant group led by leading Doctors in this field and Chief Rabbis to recommend how we act and can go on having services in the shul.
  2. The Council has been in the forefront of fighting the new wave of antisemitism, both on the national level but also on the local level.
  3. The Council has been involved in making sure that Israel is protected during the trying times in our national government.
  4. When someone is away from their home the sign of a Young Israel Synagogue is giving the traveler the peace of mind knowing there is an Orthodox synagogue.
  5. The Council thru its benevolent organization has been working with families during this terrible Covid crisis to make sure their family member is laid to rest according to Orthodox Jewish Law. As a matter of fact, membership in the benevolent organization is open to all Young Israel members.

At this time we are not completely sure how to handle the upcoming Holidays. Seats will be fewer dues to spacing. Services will be shorter due to time spent in shul. Succos we are unsure how to handle the services and the Succah etc.

We are a work in progress due to the Covid situation. However, we need your information whether you will attend holiday services and who in your family will attend with you. We will keep immediate family members together. Please remember IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND SERVICES”.

Please drop off your payments for dues and seats in the office, or you can pay online and email us with the information.

As we are now entering the month of Elul, I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and may Hashem protect you, your family and all of us from this terrible virus.

Best wishes,

Steven Frohlich

President of YIBB